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Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant

If you are doing research to purchase an air conditioner or a central heat-pump for yourself, you may have come across the word “r410a refrigerant” or “R410-A” or “R22”. What do these mean?

in simple words...

Let us clarify some of these notions, to make help you understand your findings a little better. Refrigerants are fluids that absorb heat at low temperatures and expel heat at high temperatures. It is the relationship between pressure and temperature that allow heat-pumps to treat the air by cooling it or heating it. Through pressure regulation, we can control the boiling point of the refrigerant, allowing for proper heat transfer.

The transfer of heat from one place to another is also called the refrigerant cycle, which is done through conduction (Conduction refers to the tendency for heated molecules, which are agitated, to be attracted to slower-moving cold molecules). The nomenclature of refrigerants always begins with an R, followed by the number assigned to a specific refrigerant (examples are R22, R502, R410-A, etc). These vary in chemical composition and the various properties that their composition entails.

We here at North Cool use only eco-friendly R410-A gas exclusively in our line of products. This gas is used as an alternative to the environmentally unfriendly R22 gas, which used to be the industry standard. The Montreal Protocol 1995 ruled the refrigerant R22 as an unsafe gas that posed a serious threat to the integrity of the Earth’s ozone layer.

Reminder: Refrigerants can be a hazardous material to handle, and misuse could lead to legal implications. Leave this task to certified professionals.