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Central air heat pump systems SEER 15

Central systems are necessarily made as split systems: one unit will be placed outside, and another inside. The high quality name-brand compressor and condenser coil (Copeland) found in North Cool central systems are placed in the outside unit, while the evaporator coil is placed in the indoor unit, ensuring that this European-made unit meets quality standards globally. The two units are joined together by two refrigeration lines and electrical relay cables, and a blower unit circulates the cooled or heated air through the ductwork in the house.

How the system works

One of the principles of thermal dynamics stipulates that when warm and cool elements are separated by a medium, the transfer always go from hot to cold. Applying this notion to the North Cool system, warm, humid air is blown across the evaporator coil in the furnace. The heat in turn will be drawn to the coil’s cold metal surface, forcing the moisture in the air to condense of the cool metal tubing and finally drip into a reservoir below the coil, to be ultimately drained off, thereby reducing the humidity levels in the house. It is the cycle of pressurizations/depressurizations by the compressor and condenser that allow the evaporator coil to remain cool.

A word on energy ratings

In an effort to regulate energy consumption in air conditioners, the federal government mandated in 1990 the National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1971, ensuring standards and norms are applied to all systems sold today, an environmental concern shared by North Cool. The condenser units are given a “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating” (SEER), which is calculated by dividing the cooling capacity of a continuously operating air conditioner by the electrical energy required to run it. A rating of SEER 10 is now the legal minimum, and any number above this will be that much more efficient in terms of energy consumption and conservation. North Cool central systems are highly efficient, with our models having a minimum of SEER 15, not to mention that the environmentally friendly, state of the art refrigerant R410-A is used in all our units.

MODEL 24 30 36 40
NOMINAL TONS 2 2.5 3 3.5
Cooling (BTU) 24000 30000 35500 40000
Heating (BTU) 23500 29500 35000 39000
SEER 15 15 15 15
HSPF 8.6 8.6 8.6 8.6

Benefits over window units

North Cool central systems have the distinct advantage of being able to deliver cool or warm air to all parts of the house, forcing the cooled or warmed air through the ducts of the house. This makes them much more efficient than their window-borne counterparts, which on hot summer days can see their performance levels drop under the sun’s rays. Also, central systems do not block the view that a window offers, whereas a window unit would be visible inside and outside of the house. The external unit for the North Cool central air system has the capacity to be slightly more discrete by being placed in the backyard, or on the roof of larger buildings.

Before choosing

There are many variables that must be taken into consideration before making your final choice. To ensure that your North Cool central system will have the capacity to cool and warm your house at extreme temperatures, including the home’s position, the architecture, windows, etc. You can always have a certified North Cool technician evaluate your home, and have him assess your needs.