Advanced DC Inverter Technology
More comfort for less

When many people research reverse cycle air conditioning (HVAC) one question that often comes up is what is an inverter?
The article below discusses what an inverter is and what it can do for you.

When a mechanical device starts, there is often a surge or spike in the power consumption to start up the machine. This power spike results in a high running cost as the device has to drain so much electricity to get started. You can often see this in your home when the lights flicker or dim for a few seconds when the air conditioner starts up. Because of this, standard appliances such as reverse cycle ducted air conditioners can be quite costly to run.



An inverter however acts like a throttle of a car. Instead of the initial power usage spike, an inverter slowly ramps up. Often when an inverter air conditioning system starts you do not even notice it has started. The unit gets up to speed more consistently and avoids any power spikes which makes the system cheaper to run.

Electric ConsumptionSo how cheaper is an inverter air conditioning system to run? It is hard to say precisely but reports show that you can save up to 30% in running costs when using an inverter over a standard non inverter unit. The DC Inverter unit is also better for the environment because it uses less power so it is a more popular and environmentally friendlier option for air conditioning your home.

DC Inverter systems are usually also somewhat quieter than standard systems and have a more precise temperature control with less fluctuations. An inverter may cost an extra couple of hundred dollars for a ductless system or around one thousand dollars to a ducted system, but if you frequently use your air conditioner for many years it will in time pay for itself in reduced running costs.