About Us

North Cool Inc. is the Netherlands fastest-growing trademark of high-end residential cooling and heating systems. Since 1988 North Cool Inc. offers consumers a unique experience with the latest available eco-technology on the HVAC market and the best product warranties, at the right price.

Over the past 22 years, North Cool Inc. has sold millions of systems throughout Europe and North America. Today, North Cool Inc. offers the air conditioning systems with some of the most eco-friendly and intelligent solutions ever introduced. These advanced technologies, energy efficient systems provide a high level of individual control and comfort.

In December 2001 we have been certified by ISO9001:2000 quality management system. All our products line passed international and national authority certification. Our ductless and central air systems won European Union CE certification, passed GS certification, America - Canada C-US UL certification, France LCIE certification, Switzerland products safety certification and much more.

The millions of satisfied customers around the world. It's what counts...