North Cool Multi-layer Clean Air Solution

The exclusive North Cool Neo Plasma air purification system has filtering stages with biological enzymes which further improve the air purification level.
As the air crosses through the different stages, moulds and thin powders are eliminated with particular efficiency in order to neutralize bad smells entirely.

Corrugate high efficiency filter screen.
This powerful filter screen is easy to remove for cleaning and is highly efficient at mould and bacteria prevention, ensuring a healthy environment in the room. The highly efficient corrugated filter screen has the performances of super dust filtration, convenience for unpicking and washing, and stronger mould proof and anti septic to create healthy in-house environment.

Cold catalyst technology
The cold catalyst sterilizes and removes odours. It can entirely degrade methyl oxide in the room air that might cause cancer disease. It also effectively removes odd odours like those of methyl hydrosulfate, ethyl mercaptan, etc.
When compared to the optical catalyst, the cold catalyst has the advantage of recycled use without going through the regeneration process.

Super alleru buster filter
It has the ability to sterilize and remove peculiar smells. Carcinogen of formaldehyde in the house can be thoroughly decomposed and smells of ethyl mercaptan and methyl mercaptan can be strongly cleaned. When compared with the photic catalyst, it has the advantages of regeneration, recycling application, etc.

Healthy anions (optional)
Too many positive ions in the air may lead to headaches, nausea and other sicknesses under air-conditioned environment. North Cool air conditioners adopt the high quality brush-type anion generator. By way of ionisation, large quantities of anions will be generated to neutralize the positive ions in the air so that the room's air is made fresh, clean and full of active oxygen which strengthens the immunity of human bodies.