New family of home ductless air conditioners
Discover how all new North Cool's mini-split air systems can change your life

Don't wait until the weather gets too hot or too cold before deciding to install or upgrade your home air system. We know that the North Cool's air conditioners will provide you with comfort throughout the day and night. Over the years, our products have changed and now we are proud to present new family of North Cool's home ductless air conditioners.

Powerfull and Quiet SEER 20

Since 1995 we offer for our customers around the world the best air conditioning and heating systems. Our ductless mini split air systems set the new standarts of quality and clean air solution. SEER 20 - new design, intelligent self control, DC inverter technology and the best product warranties in the cooling and heating industry. No matter which one you decide to buy - your 100% satisfaction guaranteed!